Our relaxed approach to wedding photography produces the best wedding photos with a personable touch. This allows you and your guests to feel comfortable around us when we’re photographing those special little moments. We will happily take a step back and photograph from a distance so you feel like we’re not even there. Alternatively, we don’t mind getting in the mix. This includes taking control of any wedding group shots and your couples photoshoot, we can be as flexible as you need to make sure the day runs smoothly.

If you need to get over any of those pre-wedding nerves, we can offer you a pre-wedding photoshoot. Or, if your wedding’s on a budget, we can still meet face to face and chat about your wedding photography packages in more detail. Here we can discuss any wedding poses, wedding themes, or any specific shots you’ve found online that you want us to get creative with.

We don't mind traveling and will happily accommodate any UK wedding photography. We can even shoot weddings abroad, so we can cover your wedding in Italy or a wedding in Greece. Across the UK, we have already shot weddings in Leeds, Manchester, Essex, London and Devon and we cannot wait to shoot across many more locations. 

We typically work full days. This is from bridal prep all the way up until the first dance. However, we can provide a bespoke quote if you’re looking for something smaller, such as photography at the wedding ceremony or wedding party. Do get in touch and we’ll be happy to accommodate your requests.

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"Relaxed and professional wedding photography"

Mr & Mrs Hughes

"These guys worked on our wedding day 03.08.19 and their service was outstanding. Professional throughout the day and the final snaps/footage was superb. So happy I chose to them to capture our day.

Worth every single penny."

The morning of your wedding day...

Your wedding starts with the bridal prep. We work closely with your wedding stylists, to make sure we’re getting the best photography of you and your bridesmaids in and out of your wedding makeup. The morning offers a great opportunity to capture those little detail shots such as, beautiful wedding bouquets, wedding jewellery, bride's and bridesmaids dresses nicely hung up and all the little moments that happen between you and everyone involved. 

At the same time, if you choose our two photographer wedding package, we will have one of our specialist wedding photographers dedicated to the groom and his groomsmen. Although, depending on your proximity to one another, we can arrange for one photographer to cover both parties. Nevertheless, we ensure to cover all the details that we’d cover over at the bridal party, whether it's the wedding rings, cufflinks, groomsmen adjusting each other's ties, or even getting a final pint in to calm the nerves... Oh, and the photoshoot when you’re all ready and in your groomsmen suits too!  Get in touch to have an informal chat with us to discuss any wedding packages.

"Lovely wedding photographers"

Mr & Mrs


Unveil were such a lovely team. They were professional and knew exactly what to do to get the perfect shot. Our pictures are better than we could have ever hoped for!

The wedding ceremony…

From the minute we arrive at the wedding venue, whether it’s an outdoor wedding or indoors, we’ll be there capturing all the moments that could be forgotten. Things such as the order of service, the vicar getting prepped, and of course the groom and the ushers greeting everybody as they arrive. We will discuss your wedding ceremony order in our pre-wedding meeting, so we know exactly where to be at what time.

Then it's time! One of us will be outside capturing your wedding vehicle as the bride-to-be in her stunning wedding dress steps out and makes her way in. From the moment she enters the building, field or barn, our other photographer will be snapping away capturing all the emotions coming from the groom's party. We use top of the range equipment so we can shoot at a distance, this means you can enjoy your ceremony without us being up in your veil. As the bride walks down the aisle, we move around as quietly as possible to capture both your emotions as the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. 

Wedding couples tell us that the next few moments are a blur... but not for us. Whether it’s the wedding readings, exchange of wedding rings or the first kiss as a married couple, we’ll be snapping away the whole time, so that blur can be remembered in high quality from wherever you are in the world!

"Wedding photographers with a friendly and professional attitude"

Mr & Mrs Henman

We want to say thank to Ian, Nathan and Brydn for the fantastic work you did for us on our wedding day. We absolutely love the photos and so do our friends and family. Many who attended complimented your professional and friendly attitudes :) 

After the wedding ceremony…

Once the ceremony is over and the newlyweds leave the wedding venue, it's now our turn to take control before everyone runs off to get themselves a drink! We will have already predetermined a location to capture the wedding confetti photos. This is not only a great photo opportunity but also a great activity to celebrate the couple tying the knot straight after the wedding ceremony. Whether guests decide to throw their confetti cones, blast their confetti cannons or simply cheer and give us a wave, the confetti toss always looks fantastic and everyone has a great time taking part.

The wedding group shots are always something we get asked about. Be assured, we absolutely do photograph wedding group shots. The best time tends to be straight after the confetti toss when everyone is still around and not at the bar! By the end of our pre-wedding meeting we like to have a group shot list pre-planned with our couples, and also discuss any specific wedding group shot ideas or group photo poses you might want to try!

On the wedding day, we take care of organising these in a timely manner, so you don’t have to stress and your guests can head straight to the wedding reception as soon as we’re done. Whether its family group photos, bride and groom photos, or any other group photos together, we‘ve got you covered.

"Fantastic wedding photos"

Mr & Mrs Carrington

The photos are absolutely fantastic, we love them, we can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you have done, we'll have some great memories there for years to come.

Your couple's shoot…

It’s now time to celebrate and start enjoying life as a married couple at your wedding reception! Generally, a reception starts with a few drinks and a bit of mingling. This is a perfect opportunity for us to take you away for your wedding couple shoot, after you've had a drink yourself of course, and bring some with you if you’d like. We can scout any locations for the couples shoot at the wedding venue when we have the pre-wedding meeting. This is also a great chance for us to have a chat and plan any couple poses you’d like us to direct. If you really aren't a poser and don’t like the forced scenarios, we can simply chat about going on a nice walk, where you can take a moment to look back on the day so far.

Couple’s shoots don't tend to last too long, as we wouldn't want to take you away from your loved ones for a long period of time. We tend to choose one or two locations to capture some lovely couple’s poses that we discussed previously, alternatively we can go for a walk on a nice scenic route. 

Some people prefer to move their couple’s photoshoot away from their wedding day. Elopement photoshoots and trash the wedding dress photoshoots allow couples to be fully-relaxed with no other distractions other than each other and give us all some room for fun and creativity. If this is something that you might be interested in doing, please let us know and we can arrange a meeting accordingly to discuss your plans.

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"Efficient wedding photographers"

Mr & Mrs Schembri-West

Thank you Brydn and your team for being part of our wedding. We are both so pleased with the pictures taken and the quick turn around! Professional and friendly service with a personal touch.

Time to party at your wedding reception...

We recognise all the effort that goes into arranging all the finer details at your wedding reception and we include shots of these in your final wedding gallery. Details such as name tags, candles, the wedding book, wedding cake and anything else that you might want to look back on. Something extra we can speak about in our pre-wedding meeting is a fully-qualified drone pilot,  to capture some abstract wedding venue shots, and everyone enjoying themselves on a nice summer day. Drone wedding photography adds that something extra to the set of wedding images that simply cannot be captured from the ground. In our opinion, it’s absolutely fantastic to get the group shot with a drone. 

Then as soon as you’re introduced to everybody as a married couple and you sit down for your wedding breakfast, we take the opportunity to back up everything we have shot throughout the day. You might think, why haven't they done this already? The cameras we shoot on allow us to shoot dual, so we have everything safely backed up onto two cards. However, for extra safety and precaution of your content, we like to have a third back up on a hard drive. Backups of all our kit on the day are essential, whether it be lenses, camera bodies, memory cards, or hard drives. We’re prepared for any situation.

Once you’ve finished the wedding breakfast and spoken to most of your guests it's time for the long-awaited wedding speeches… or dreaded speeches. We’ve seen quite a range of wedding gifts and emotions during the speeches, be it crying, confusion or full-on laughter. In any of these situations, we act as a ‘fly on the wall’ so we can capture every little emotion from you and your guests. 

Once the speeches are finished, everyone can fully relax. All that is left is for you to cut the wedding cake and enjoy your first dance. We’ve heard a huge range of first dance songs and seen quite a few takes on this wedding tradition. Some dances are classic and heartfelt, others involve a huge amount of first dance choreography and a mashup of songs.  We understand that by the evening we are working with a lot less light, be assured that we have the best cameras and lighting equipment to create any atmosphere you might want for this special moment.

Typically after the first dance, we are finished for the day, however, if you’d like us to stick around later to join in with the celebrations we can plan for that too.