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FAQ's About Our Wedding Services

If we haven't answered all of your questions below, please feel free to get in contact via the button below.

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"What are your prices?"

We offer a range of wedding photography prices whatever your budget. Get in touch and we'll work with you to make your dream wedding become a reality.

Once you send us an enquiry we will send you a wedding brochure with all our wedding photography packages and prices.

groom holds his bride from behind showing their wedding rings

"Do you take the traditional group shots?"

We do! It's important because these group pictures will include family and friends of all ages, and will live as a memory for a lifetime. We do however like to keep it to a select amount, so it doesn't take too much time out of the day.

blue and red wedding blazer lays on bed with brown wedding shoes on top

"How soon can we see the photos & videos?"

We aim to deliver in a speedy manner, without taking shortcuts on quality. We aim to have your wedding photography perfected and with you in 4 weeks, and a fully edited wedding video within 6 weeks from the wedding date

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"How do we book you?"

Simply click on the ‘Enquire with us’ tab and leave us a message. We will contact you within 48 hours and begin to discuss tailoring a wedding photo or video package.

silver wedding tiara sits in a white box on a windowsil

"What if you're ill on the date?"

This actually has never happened before. However, we of course have a backup plan. We have a solid network of talented wedding photographers & videographers, who can be called upon if necessary. We'd ensure they are capable of producing the best wedding photography and videography!

brides veil blows in the wind during sunset

"Can you work in low light conditions?"

This requires an understanding of light, especially when the lights come down for the first dance. Our team is experienced in these scenarios and understands the need to not overpower any darker settings with lighting, preserving the atmosphere of the scene. We own industry quality cameras that can perform to the maximum quality in these settings.

little bottle of Gordon's gin sits on a wedding breakfast table

"Are you insured?"

Yes, of course! We have public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. On top of that, we have back up equipment in case of any technical failure on the day. The footage captured also gets backed up on the day to multiple hard drives, to ensure everything is safe.

brides wedding perfume sits with her wedding handbag on a shoe box

"Can you capture both bridal & groom prep?"

We always try to capture both the bride and groom getting ready. However, this does depend on the proximity between locations. We recommend having a second shooter so that both parties can be captured in full.

bride in white dress holds black puppy

"Do you shoot
smaller weddings?"

Yes of course! We have shot weddings for small groups and even weddings for ten guests or less. Whatever the size of your wedding party, we’ve got every angle covered.

wedding guests cheering with bride and groom at the front

"Is wedding drone photography/video worth it?"

Using a drone at a wedding allows a totally different perspective on your day. You may have booked a stunning wedding venue, so why not capture some drone video to show its full potential! Not only that but a wedding drone is perfect for huge group photos of all your wedding guests.

Bride and bridesmaids cheersing champagne before wedding ceremony

"Can our wedding video go on social media?"

No problem! We optimise our wedding videos so they can be easily posted on social media. We can also offer a few shorter cuts of your video which are perfect for small Facebook or Instagram posts. Please let us know what you’re looking for and we will give you a bespoke quote.

groom and groomsmen cheersing towards camera

"We already have a wedding photographer, can you work with them?"

We have worked with a range of wedding photographers and videographers. We will always liaise with your photographer or videographer and make sure that we never obstruct each other's shot and get you the best wedding imagery possible.

wedding ring tied with white bow in basket

"Where are you based?"

We're a London-based wedding photography and video company, but don’t let this worry you. We like to consider ourselves as more of a UK wedding photography & video company and will happily travel to any of your wonderful destinations.

wedding orniment in the shape of the word love above white flowers

"How long do you spend with us?"

All of our wedding photography and videography packages cover from bridal prep to the first dance. However, we can create a bespoke wedding photography or video quote to tailor for your every need.

wedding couple touch hands above wheat field, groom wearing his wedding watch

"Can we meet you before?"

Absolutely! We like to meet our couples at least once for a pre-wedding meeting, be it for a coffee or a pint. This way we can put faces to names and run through any queries you have before.

pink wedding makeup bags sit on windowsil

"What camera equipment do you use?"

We're always upgrading our kit for many reasons. This could be to keep up with quality, to be more versatile, or even just to be more lightweight. Be assured, the kit we use it top of the range and quality is never affected. To be exact, our photographers use arguably the best DSLR's in the market in the name of the Nikon D850, and our video kit ranges from Sony FS7's and Sony A7S III's. 

bride has her dress lifted as she walks under a white umbrella towards here wedding vehicle

"What happens if it rains?"

We never have issues with rain on wedding days. In the past we have arranged umbrellas as props and had contingency plans to capture key shots indoors instead.

wooden love orniment sits on a wooden stool at a yellow themed wedding reception

"Do you have back-up equipment?"

We do! It's so important we have back-up cameras, lenses, memory cards and hard drives. This is the best way to protect your content from the day, and of-course protect ourselves from any upsets.

couple on a pre wedding shoot look at each other whilst their shadows are cast on to the wall behind them

"Do you offer engagement shoots?"

Not only do we offer engagement shoots, but we also offer elopement shoots & trash the dress wedding shoots. Just get in touch and we can explain everything you might need to know. 

white wedding dress hanging up with multiple lacey designs

"How many crew members do you bring?"

We range from a single wedding photographer, all the way to a full wedding video crew + photographers. Get in contact for more information and a bespoke wedding quote.

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