You may be asking yourself, is a wedding videographer worth it? Having the experience of shooting multiple wedding videos, we can confirm that our couples say it's absolutely worth it. A wedding video means that you can relive some of your favorite wedding moments in a whole new way. This could be the exchanging of vows, your dad’s speech or that perfectly choreographed first dance. Wedding couples we’ve worked with tell us how surprised they were with the amount they rewatched their wedding video, some even mark it as a way to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

We have a passion to capture real authentic moments on film. Our wedding videos help you relive the feelings and memories and also share your special day with people who can’t be there. We think about all aspects of wedding videography, from filming in different compositions to recording pitch-perfect audio. Using top of the range video cameras, drone video and stabilising equipment, we maximise the quality of your wedding video even before the editing stage, giving us plenty of creative freedom. We can tailor our wedding video editing to fit your style, using music of your choice, specific colour grading and a variety of video lengths. 

​We offer a variety of wedding video packages starting with a wedding highlights video, all the way to full wedding videos including wedding speech videos and full ceremony recordings. We also offer video and photography packages together and can tailor these to suit your specific requirements. 

We understand that not everyone is used to being in front of a camera. We would like to reassure you that our wedding filming style doesn’t involve us putting a lens up in your face. We like to take a step back and let your wedding day unfold naturally. Of course, if you’re happy for us to get up close and involved we can accommodate this too. If you still have a few pre-wedding nerves, no worries, we can offer you a pre-wedding video shoot to get used to being filmed.

​To find out more please get in touch below for a quote, or visit our FAQs to find out more.

The morning wedding prep

How we approach our wedding videography with the bridal team

We work closely with your wedding stylists to make sure we are getting the best videography of you and your bridesmaids in and out of your wedding makeup. We understand that wedding photographers may be on location too. Don’t worry, we’re photographers as well and we understand everyone needs their specific shots. We can work around each other with no fuss. In the morning, we take the opportunity to get creative and capture all of those detailed shots with both the bridal party and the groom and groomsmen.

How we approach our wedding videography with the groom & his groomsmen

If you choose our full wedding videography package, we will have one of our specialist wedding videographers dedicated to the groom and his groomsmen, whilst the other stays with the bridal party to ensure we cover everything going on throughout the day! Get in touch to discuss any wedding video packages.

The Wedding Ceremony

Our approach for video at the wedding ceremony

From the moment the bride walks down the aisle, our wedding videographers will be filming all the emotions coming from your friends, family, bride and groom. We understand how important wedding videography during the ceremony is and we only get one shot at it! Having shot multiple wedding ceremonies, we know the exact angles to film the wedding video from, where to place any audio equipment and most importantly, stay invisible. This way, you can enjoy your wedding ceremony without any distractions. 

The full wedding recordings

To ensure we don’t miss a second, we always have a camera rolling at the back of the venue, filming everything from the groom's nerves, up to you both walking back down the aisle as a married couple. If you’d like audio recorded of the whole ceremony and wedding speeches, just let us know and we can discuss our wedding filming services with you at the pre-wedding meeting. It doesn't matter if you have chosen our wedding video highlights package, or the full wedding video package, we can guarantee to film moments you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Celebrating the newlyweds videoing the confetti

Once the ceremony is over and the newlyweds leave the wedding venue, we can now film the wedding confetti toss. Whilst this is being arranged, we also take the opportunity to capture the joy on all your guest’s faces after they’ve just seen you tie the knot. The confetti toss is a favourite for wedding videos and is a great chance for us to change our settings and capture awesome slow-motion video. Our top-of-the-range camera equipment allows us to capture the joy in your faces, but also all the culprits who took their chance to throw extra confetti towards you, all in super slow-motion. 

Filming the wedding group photos

Whilst the wedding photographer takes this opportunity to capture those all-important wedding group shots, we can take this opportunity to get our drone out and capture some great shots of you all together from the sky. Adding a wedding drone video to your package is something we can discuss in our pre-wedding meeting.

The Couple's Shoot

Videography for your couples photoshoot

Once you are at your wedding reception, it’s time to start celebrating life as a married couple. This is also a perfect opportunity in the day to be taken away for your couple's shoot. The wedding photographer typically takes the reign of this shoot and we tag along to capture all these great moments on film, which will coincide perfectly with your wedding photographer's images. Alternatively, we can take you away on a separate video shoot, which we can predetermine in your pre-wedding meeting. Don't worry if you’re not a poser, this could be as simple as a nice scenic walk where we capture you both sharing a nice quiet moment. 

Pre-wedding videography and photography side by side 

We can also discuss drone wedding video as part of your couple's shoot. This will perfectly coincide with documenting your wedding venue's beautiful grounds, as this is the setting you have chosen out of hundreds of others to be your backdrop. It's a massive part of your wedding story.

Couples occasionally prefer to move their couple's video shoot away from their wedding day. Elopement video shoots and trash the wedding dress video shoots are great fun for everyone and allow us to get creative and film more scenarios without worry of getting a little grubby. Please let us know if you’re interested and we can arrange a meeting accordingly to discuss your plans.

The Wedding Reception

How do we video your wedding reception

We recognise all the effort that goes into arranging all of the finer details of your wedding reception and we include video clips of these in your final wedding videos. Details could include wedding books, your wedding gifts for someone in particular, or your wedding cake. During the earlier moments of the reception, we take the opportunity to back up everything we have shot throughout the day. We use multiple cards and can quickly switch between these to save all the data. For extra safety and precaution of your content, we like to have a backup on hard drives. Backups of all our kit on the day are essential, whether it be lenses, video camera bodies, memory cards, or hard drives, we’re prepared for any situation.

Wedding speeches filmed by us

When it comes to filming wedding speeches, we can cover the highlights, or film the full speech recordings with audio included. This decision is made before the wedding when we discuss and tailor your package to your budget, but of course, this can be altered at any point. We can offer shorter recordings or specific edits of wedding speeches individually, just pop us an email and we can discuss your requirements.

Filming your first dance at your wedding venue

After the speeches, it’s time to party and enjoy your first dance as a married couple! We can cover your dance from many angles or we can set ourselves up in a particular spot if you have a choreographed first dance planned. Typically, this is the point where the lights go down. Don’t worry as our camera equipment works perfectly in low light, we also can bring along extra lighting equipment so we create any desired effect. In post-production, we can add in your favourite track or an entirely different track to the one chosen for the first dance.

Typically, after the first dance, we are finished for the day. However, we would love to stick around anyway and join in with the celebrations, if that you want!

After the Wedding

Wedding highlights video and how we edit

Once your wedding day is over and everything settles down again, the work doesn't stop for us. We get straight to work on editing your beautiful wedding videos. The length and number of wedding videos you will receive will depend on the package you have picked, but we guarantee a minimum of a 5 minutes highlights video per full day wedding filming. We use top software such as adobe premiere pro and after effects to ensure each clip is colour graded to be cohesive throughout and fits the style we agreed at the start. Fancy wedding titles, wedding text graphics and wedding subtitles can also be discussed in your pre-wedding meeting to help tell the story even clearer to people who watch your special day back with certain disabilities too. 

Full length wedding video recording and how we edit

We aim to deliver any of our video wedding packages within 6 weeks of the wedding date, but generally, you can expect to receive them sooner. We deliver these to you via USB in the post, but also send a copy of these via an online wedding video link so friends and family can be sent them with ease at your own discretion. We offer rounds of amends for anything you would like to change free of charge too, the amount of these you receive will also depend on the video wedding package you choose. If you’d like to make your content social media shareable, we can also make separate edits for you to share on Instagram, Facebook and any other different formats. Just let us know and we can create a bespoke quote for social content. 

For more information, visit our FAQs or fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you swiftly. 

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