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How we plan and approach your wedding day.

Ok, so you’ve picked your package, you know what you’re going to receive and that’s it you’ll see your photographer/videographer on the day. Sounds simple right? But do you really know your photographer/videographer and are you confident that they have a good connection with you? What's different with us is we really want to take the time to get to know you, so that on the day we’re all familiar with one another and you have full confidence that every decision we make is in your best interests. This also means your photography and video is natural and in the style you dream of.

This is why we always arrange a pre wedding meeting or couples shoot, depending on the package you pick. Either way, this meeting is the perfect opportunity to get to know one another over a coffee, pint or nice walk around the venue. It's so important because on the day we believe we need to know each other. There might be things you specifically want us to capture, or things you want us to avoid, at this meeting we can discuss everything about your wedding day and the do’s and don'ts.

On the wedding day, we like to work as a fly on the wall as much as possible. The intention here to photograph or video the day as naturally as possible, capturing all those candid smiles and intimate moments from you and your guests. There will be moments we need to step in of course, such as the group photos or couples shoot, and we’re more than happy to do so and have lots of experience in managing these scenarios. Sometimes we like to set up moments too, but again in a natural way. We have subtle little tricks we’ve picked up over the years to ensure when we’re setting up specific shots that it still looks lovely and legitimate. You wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on just getting photos of everyone looking rigidly at the camera and that's the last thing we want. We like to approach everything creatively, doing something slightly different every time to ensure your images are unique.

We’ve worked shooting photography and videography at weddings for over 8 years now and have actually worked together in the same company shooting commercial photography and video content for the last 5 of those. Our experience allows us to be confident on your day and know exactly where to be at the right time. We know what you want, and we know how to get it. So, when we’re filming and taking our pictures, we’re like a well oiled machine.

We like to package our final content up, so when we send it to our couples they get a nice surprise gift to open. Our communication through the process is strong, because we want our couples to understand what's going on when it comes to time frames, there's nothing like being left in the lurch. With our video, we offer rounds of amends too. This allows you to make any changes free of charge to your video and makes sure that the final video is exactly how you imagined it.

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