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A little bit about Brydn.

Hey, I'm Brydn. I am 26 years old and have been a photographer for 8 years now. Growing up in Clacton-on-Sea, I have a huge passion for the seaside and nature, especially the movement to protect it. I’m a big football fan, but unfortunately at the moment support Manchester United. Straight out of university, I worked for sports and advertising photographers, seeing how they worked and took inspiration from how they approached people and their jobs. I was fortunate enough to work for Norwich City FC as their club photographer in this first year too. 

Since then, I wanted to live and work in London, which I’ve now been successfully doing for 5 years, working for a video and photography agency. This has progressed from small photoshoots to now being fully immersed in video, from producing creative treatments to directing and overseeing it and then editing the final product.

I’ve always had a passion for people and you could easily have me under the label of a social butterfly. Whether that be playing sports, visiting the pub, or the park, I'm always surrounded by people who make me happy. 

I have been shooting weddings all the way through my career so far, but the step to create Unveil Weddings UK in March 2020 was the key to unlock everything I aspire to be in life. Lockdown life gave me more time than ever expected to get things underway, and as rubbish as COVID life has been for many, I feel it's been an opportunity we had to take. 

I get a huge amount of pride in taking pictures that people absolutely love, but I always want to try something new with every shoot, with the permission of our couples of course. Unveil is just at the beginning of its journey, with the aim set to be shooting weddings abroad so I can see some more of the world.

Another aspiration of mine is to take my commercial and artistic photography into working with wedding suppliers, shooting the advertising for the brands that our couples end up buying to wear or use on their big day.


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