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How many weddings have you shot?

The simple answer is enough!...

Ian’s first wedding shoot was just after he left 6th form at age 18. Whilst at school he was regularly working in the media department and had shared a lot of his video work at the school. One of the teachers was due to be married at the end of summer and had asked if Ian would take on the task. This was a fantastic opportunity, and actually one of Ian’s first ever freelance jobs. Shooting a wedding felt so natural and it wasn’t long after that Ian was booked as a second shooter alongside other professional wedding photographers and videographers. This gave him the chance to learn from other professionals and refine the skills he would need later down the line.

Now 7 years later, Ian has shot multiple weddings all over the UK and is working with a business partner that has an equal passion for weddings. If it wasn’t for that teacher at his school who took a chance on hiring a student for his big day. Ian’s career path would have been extremely different.

Bry’s first job as a wedding photographer was way back when he was in university. He shot it free of charge at the beautiful Islington Town Hall. The couple hired an old school London bus to travel to where they finished up at The Peasant, also in Islington. The sticky toffee pudding on the menu was something he’ll never forget! Bry travelled from Norwich on the weekend to stay with his sister in London to make sure he could be there in good time. Even now we end up travelling for our couples because we love venturing somewhere new.

Back then, I'm not sure he realised he’d end up shooting weddings in London as his profession, his aims were towards sports and advertising photography. It turns out it was an underlying passion he wasn't aware of. Now, we’re shooting lots of weddings over the uk every year, learning from every single one and trying to add something new and a creative stamp with every shoot, whether that's an engagement shoot or full blown London wedding.

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