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"What do you wear on the day?"

Something you may worry about is the professionalism and approachability of your vendors. What will make you more comfortable knowing is all of our wedding photographers and videographers at Unveil Weddings UK are professionals in their field, manor and how they dress.

We take how we look seriously, because if it was us, we wouldn't want our vendors turning up to our weddings in trainers or tracksuits. We ensure our staff wear a minimum dress code of black jeans, shoes and shirt. Dressing smart helps us blend in on your wedding day and has many benefits such as not attracting attention, but also if we did happen to end up in the background of some of your pictures, we look just like one of your guests. It also reflects on us how we are perceived.

Depending on the weather, we may even turn up in suits. Don't worry though, we won't upstage you, these will be comfortable and more casual. However, as we mentioned, this is weather dependent, because as you can imagine, we walk between twenty to thirty thousand steps on a wedding day, and if it's mid summer time, we definitely need something a little looser and able to breathe in.

You shouldn't need to even worry about what your vendors attending are wearing, but we’ve attended weddings in the past where some dress a little more casually and we don’t think it suits the day everyone is getting into. With us, we’re smart, professional, yet casual, just like our style of working.

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