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If we booked you, do you attend on your own, or have multiple people?

A question we’re often asked is do we work alone? We can, but we prefer not to. It benefits everyone to have a second photographer on the day. For us, that second photographer can help cover the day in a much wider spread. They can capture second angles of everything, they can help back up cards whilst you’re still out shooting, then can assist on anything you need as the lead photographer.

The benefit for our couples when you choose a package that includes us both is huge. At Unveil, Brydn and Ian are both experienced photographer videographers by trade, and have been shooting weddings for nearly 10 years. What does this mean?

Sometimes the groom's images can either not be shot, or not shot as well or creatively because a single photographer can't get to both parties without missing key moments. A photographer might use a second shooter on a really low day rate because they’re not experienced.

With us, it means that in the morning of your special day, you have two fully experienced photographers covering both the bride and groom, one designated to each. Then throughout the day, you have two angles covered. One leads the group shots, while the other snaps the guests arriving. One shoots the speeches, whilst the other captures the reactions. One shoots the lovely couples, whilst the other captures your guests mingling and having a great time celebrating you both.

Our larger packages with video included, we feel we have a huge benefit. Our contacts we’ve made throughout our careers at our agencies, means we also have super experienced photographers and videographers we can call upon to shoot your wedding in a premium fashion. These people are trusted and vouched on by us, because at the end of the day, we started Unveil to produce quality content and we wouldn't just pick anyone to join us on your day. It's important we work with people we know and trust. We have to know they’re capable, have the quality we expect from ourselves, and also know how to work with us, we wouldn't want them in all of your shots because they don't know how we shoot. You’re in safe hands with us.

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