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Welcome to Unveil Weddings UK!

Hello and welcome to Unveil Weddings UK! We’re a brand new, yet experienced and exciting wedding photography and videography supplier. Our team consists of Brydn Webb, an experienced photographer for over 8 years and Ian Yarwood, an experienced video expert for 8 years too. We’re based in London, but we happily travel around the UK, or the world if approached to do so.

We believe that hiring a wedding photographer or videographer should be an experience, not just someone who’s going to show up on your day and never speak to you again. Our aim? To share an experience that is everlasting for us all.

We decided to create Unveil for a few reasons. The first is our love for working with people and making new friends. We’re both very sociable and love working in environments where we get to collaborate, share ideas and create new exciting wedding content for everybody. We’re in our element when we’re guiding people through their big day. Of course, it's their special day, but we get such a big thrill being such a major part of it. 

We wanted to create something we can call our own, something we can nurture and tailor to make us happy whilst working, because that's the dream, right? We both have worked in the commercial video and photography industry together for the past 5 years. Don’t get us wrong, we love it and it provides us a very important income, especially with COVID messing things up right now. 

The difference we find with weddings is we get to do this for ourselves. We know we're accountable for producing such important yet special content, and that makes it mean so much more to us. We have creative control on the day that we’ve pre-agreed with our couples, leading to important decisions to make to ensure we provide what they’ve paid good money for. 

Our depth of experience as wedding photographers and videographers in London allows us to offer a range of photography and videography packages, which include couples shoots, a large array of wedding day choices, and post-wedding shoots too. We can provide so much more for our couples as a team and our experience in the commercial industry will guarantee the quality and consistency across both your photos and video that you might not receive from two separate suppliers. We only ever want to be producing something we’d expect from our own wedding photographers or videographers. 

If you watch us at a wedding (you probably won't), we’ll be constantly on the go, smiling, interacting, laughing and obviously with one or two concentration faces in there too. What's exciting is we’re creating memories that last a lifetime and more, so people can look back through the generations of their family’s special day. An air loom if you must. To be a part of your special day is something we cherish, and if we make some great friends along the way, then so be it.


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