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It must be very stressful being a wedding photographer, right?

We have been asked this question multiple times! To be completely honest, when we first started out, the simple answer would have been 100% yes. I think we both lost a couple nights sleep worrying about our early weddings. Now it’s a different story.

Both working in the video and photography agency for 4 years was fantastic. Both being trained in photography and video, this was the perfect environment for us to practice our craft and train our creative muscles. Working in an agency offers such a variety of work and puts you in a lot of strange and stressful situations.

Coming straight from 6th form/university we found ourselves being chucked into situations where we didn’t have the solutions. This meant we were thinking on the spot constantly. As difficult as these moments might have been, we wouldn’t change a second as these situations have moulded us into the videographer/photographers we are today allowing us to make quick and accurate decisions without a moment's hesitation.

As we all know, every second and moment is important on your wedding day, but with our experience, we make sure that not a single second is missed.

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